Sissy Training - Becoming a Submissive Maid

Are you doubting the existence of your inner sissy soul? Here, you will learn to embrace the game of sissification, learn to accept the discipline of being a sissy, and discover your genuine sissification self. Embrace and love the sissy life.

When you decide to undergo sissy training, you must relinquish your masculine traits and make a sincere effort to explore your inner femininity. Let your gentleness shine through for the pleasure and enjoyment of your mistress. Have you picked your male chastity cage yet? It will be the primary tool in our upcoming journey.

How to be a sissy?

Sissy Training

  • Compliance and Learning
    You must learn and abide by the rules and assignments your chastity mistress sets for you. From chastity confinement to household chores, including serving tea, washing feet, cooking - these are skills you need to master. You must be obedient, await use and punishment from your mistress, and humiliate yourself for their entertainment. You are a sissy yearning to please your mistress. Any failure to meet expectations will result in punishment.

  • Sissy Dressing Training
    Hide your penis. We recommend using the "Sissy Labia Chastity Cage" which can simulate your penis into the shape of female labia. The "Inverted Chastity Device" is another good choice, pushing your penis inward for total concealment. Wearing these devices under your panties, you will visually pass as a woman. Put on your lacy and pink attire and completely feminize yourself, from head to toe. We will encourage you to discover your feminine side, dress appropriately and teach you the ways of a sissy. You will look attractive and eye-catching. Gradually, you will become a true Crossdresser Sissies.

Choose Your Type of Sissy

Sissy Training
  • Girly Sissy: Learn the mannerisms of a girl, including walking, dressing, speaking, etiquette, and makeup. Acquiring suitable outfits and accessories is an essential step towards becoming more girly. For instance, adorable dresses, sweet hair accessories, lace stockings, etc. Start building your wardrobe. You can have your own doll or other toys, of course, you must play with them according to your mistress's way.

  • Slutty Sissy: To become a professional slutty sissy, you need miniskirts, fishnet stockings, sexy lingerie, vibrant red lipstick, and sexy curls. You can wear your dildo belt and butt plug to please your mistress. If your mistress wants to whip you with a "Sex Spanking Whip" or demands oral sex, you must comply.

  • Whorish Sissy: Here, you must hide your penis between your legs, or you will face corresponding punishments. When you choose to be a whorish sissy, be prepared for being tied up with a "Handcuffs" in a dark room or having your nipples clamped with "Stag Nipple Clamps". Your mistress will punish you in many ways, including spanking with an "Electric Shock Beat Pat". You must submit to discipline. These products can be found in our Sissy Store.

  • Sissy Maid: As a qualified maid, you need extensive training and learning. Serve your master in different uniforms according to different occasions, such as flight attendant, nurse, waitress, office lady, teacher. These are scenarios you need to learn and practice. However, housework is your basic job. Working hard to receive praise and rewards from your master will be satisfying.

Accepting Humiliation

Though it can be a blow to your self-esteem and a hit to your core, the thrill you get from this shock will entertain and please your mistress. Thus, being humiliated is something you must accept. You yearn to please your mistress, even if you find it ridiculous, but can't resist the urge to get erect, right? Of course, upon completion of your tasks, your mistress will satisfy you, an experience that will be more intense than ever before. That's the meaning of humiliation.

Sissy Rules: Discussion

In any instructional, Sissy Porn Games, SM, or BDSM situation, the most important rule is consent. If a sissy is forced to accept something they disagree with, it can be uncomfortable or even repulsive. It won't be pleasant. So, it's essential to discuss and agree beforehand. Achieving happiness and satisfaction for everyone involved is our ultimate goal.

Sissy Stories 

  • A New Beginning of Chastity

    “I've always had a strong interest in sissy chastity. I decided to give myself a fresh start and embark on a journey of chastity. I purchased a gorgeous pink sissy dress, paired it with cute lace stockings and high heels. I eagerly locked myself in a pink miniature chastity device, feeling the sensation of restraint and control.

    I made a strict commitment to follow the rules of chastity, unlocking only when I completely obeyed my Mistress. During this period of chastity, I found myself craving more and more for being controlled and restricted. Each moment of unlocking became a tremendous reward, while each moment of relocking brought satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Through sissy chastity, I learned to better harness my desires and connect my own happiness with the pleasure of my Mistress. This journey of chastity not only deepened my self-understanding but also strengthened the intimacy between my Mistress and me.”

  • Punishment and Growth of a Sissy

    I have been exploring the world of sissy chastity. One day, I made a mistake and failed to complete a task as instructed by my Mistress. I realized that I needed to accept punishment to rectify my error.

    My Mistress decided to give me a severe punishment: locking me in a specially designed chastity device, allowing unlocking only under her permission. This device not only restricted my sexual desires but also had some stimulating features to punish me for any violation of my Mistress's rules.

    Through a period of punishment, I gradually recognized my mistake and made efforts to correct myself. I started taking my Mistress's instructions more seriously and strived to complete tasks. Each moment of unlocking became a reward, giving me a sense of growth and progress.

    Through this punishment, I learned to respect my Mistress's authority more deeply and developed qualities of loyalty and obedience during my journey of growth.

  • Training and Control of a Sissy

    As a sissy, I yearned to be completely controlled and trained by my Mistress. After discussing with my Mistress, we decided to utilize sissy chastity to achieve this goal.

    My Mistress selected a specially designed training chastity device for me, which not only restricted my sexual desires but also had some unique features. Whenever I completed my Mistress's instructions and training tasks, she would remotely control the device to unlock it, providing me with pleasure and rewards. On the other hand, if I went against my Mistress's wishes, the device would administer stimulation and punishment.

    Through this training, I learned to submit to my Mistress's control and guidance. I embraced the challenges and rewards of the training process, developing a deeper sense of obedience and surrender as a sissy.
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