Why These Guy Locking Their Dicks in a Chastity Cage Turns Them on

What is chastity?

What is Chastity

In traditional beliefs, "chastity" is often seen as a virtue for women. This concept originated in the Middle Ages when men would make women wear metal chastity belts to protect their "virtue." However, in modern society, male chastity also holds significant meaning.

Male chastity involves locking the penis in a specially designed cage (there are hundreds of options available on MChastity) to prevent erections and sexual activity with the penis. During this time, you cannot achieve sexual climax. While this may be intimidating to some, it can be highly arousing and fulfilling for others. The experience of chastity kink from person to person. Some individuals may engage in short periods of physical chastity for a few hours or days as a form of abstinence. Alternatively, chastity can be a long-term lifestyle choice, where you entrust the key to your chastity device to a mistress or master for weeks or even months, during which you discover your submissive side. If you enjoy being dominated or are seeking to add some excitement to your sexual play, male chastity might be the right choice for you.

Before engaging in male chastity, it is crucial to select a high-quality chastity cage. Faulty or poorly designed devices can cause severe injuries. If this occurs, have your keyholder remove the device immediately.

To better understand what drives these fetishes and what makes individuals so excited about them, we conducted interviews with three loyal customers of MChastity. They shared their experiences with chastity and provided some advice for beginners.

Andrew - 32 years old

Metal Cobra Chastity Cage

(The most commonly used chastity cage at present is: Metal Cobra Chastity Cage)

Andrew is a highly successful individual in the legal field, but he carries immense pressure and responsibility in his professional life. Despite achieving success in his career, it leaves him exhausted and constrained. He started yearning for an experience that would be the opposite of work, a way to relax and let go of control.

One day, he stumbled upon male chastity, and the sense of release and submissive role in this new realm deeply attracted him. He was drawn to this unique sexual experience that allowed him to become the controlled party in role-play, thus freeing himself. However, he also felt apprehensive and concerned about whether his wife would understand and accept this new sexual experience.

With a mix of anxiety and hope, he decided to share his thoughts with his wife, hoping for understanding and support. They sat down and had a sincere conversation where he honestly expressed his desires and needs. To his surprise, his wife's reaction exceeded his expectations. She wasn't dismissive of male chastity; instead, she displayed an open-minded attitude and willingness to explore and understand this new realm together.

This unexpected response brought Andrew a sense of relief and joy. From that moment on, they began learning and exploring male chastity together. They read books, attended seminars, and even engaged in conversations with others interested in this field. This new sexual experience gradually became a part of their shared journey and interaction.

Through male chastity, Andrew found a genuine way to relax and satisfy himself. In role-play, he could relinquish control and fully entrust himself to his wife's dominance and guidance. This new experience not only brought them more pleasure but also deepened their emotional connection and trust.


Christian - 28 years old

Black Male Chastity Device

(The most commonly used chastity cage at present is: Black Male Chastity Device)

Christian leads a unique lifestyle. He is a long-term practitioner of chastity and wears a Black Holytrainer V5 almost every day. He claims that this device has become an extraordinary presence in his regular life, like a totem of belief, constantly reminding him of his responsibilities and commitments.

This experience brings intense masochistic pleasure to Christian. He admits that being unable to reach orgasm and even prohibiting the use of his penis during sexual encounters has actually made his sex life more fulfilling. This seems contrary to conventional notions of sexuality, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. Abstaining or excluding the penis from sexual activity has actually made their sex life more diverse and enriching.

For Christian, he has had to redirect his attention to other erogenous zones. Through this shift, his nipples and buttocks have become more sensitive as they crave stimulation in the absence of penile stimulation.

The experience of chastity has led Christian to reexamine his body and sexual behavior. He has started to prioritize emotional and sensory communication, seeking deeper levels of intimacy with his partner. This departure from traditional norms has not only facilitated personal growth but has also created a whole new experience for his partner.

Christian views male chastity as a way of sexual exploration that goes beyond conventional practices, becoming a profound exploration of self-awareness and sexual concepts. Through abstinence, he has discovered his own potential and creativity, as well as a deeper emotional bond with his partner.

Christian showcases the power of chastity and the unique transformation and positive impact it has had on his life. His experience demonstrates the potential benefits of abstinence and control in sexual life, enhancing not only personal emotional and sensory experiences but also deepening intimacy between partners. Through redefining and exploring sexuality, Christian have discovered a new way of sexual satisfaction that transcends traditional notions and practices.


Kate - 35 years old

Locking His Cock

(The most commonly used chastity cage at present: Locking His Cock)

Kate is a professional keyholder and dominatrix, with over 30 male clients. Initially, Kate was curious and excited about becoming a keyholder. This role change brought her a sense of control and ownership. Owning the chastity keys symbolized complete control over her clients' sexual lives and desires.

The decision to become a keyholder stemmed from her curiosity about power exchange and sexual control. She saw it as a stimulating and fun way to enhance her sexual relationship with her husband, Mark, and deepen their intimacy. With Mark's consent, she became his keyholder.

From that moment on, Kate took on the role of the controller. She received Mark's chastity key, representing her control over his sexual life. Kate enjoyed this feeling, relishing in dominating and guiding Mark, as well as the freedom to fulfill her own sexual fantasies and desires.

As a keyholder, Kate began setting rules and limitations to control Mark's sexual behavior. She decided when to unlock his chastity and when to allow him sexual pleasure. This control made Kate feel empowered and satisfied while fueling her desire and passion for Mark.

However, Kate understood that being a keyholder also came with responsibility and challenges. She needed to balance control with respecting Mark's needs and boundaries. They maintained open and honest communication to ensure their relationship was built on mutual understanding and consensus.

Over time, Kate realized that being a keyholder was not just about control but also about mutual pleasure between Mark and herself. She began exploring new sexual toys and stimulating methods to enhance their sex life. She strove to make sure Mark felt cared for and loved while satisfying his sexual desires and cravings.

This journey as a keyholder has been a path of growth and self-discovery for Kate. Through controlling and guiding Mark's sexual life, she has learned to better understand her own needs and those of her partner, deepening their intimacy. Since then, Kate has aspired to become a professional keyholder, holding multiple chastity keys. This unique role has given her a sense of power and satisfaction, allowing her to experience the thrilling and enjoyable aspects of sexual control.

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