Collection: Anal Hooks

When it comes to the anal hook, it may initially sound shocking, but trust me, if you're interested in BDSM, enjoy submissive experiences, and are willing to relinquish control, then the anal hook might be worth exploring.

What is an anal hook?

It is typically made of metal or a hard material and has a hook shape. One end features one or multiple balls for insertion into the anus, while the other end has a loop for attaching bondage ropes, chains, or for a finger to control or tether.

The balls are often available in different sizes and shapes, and are sometimes even movable, so you can choose the type that suits your preferences.

What does an anal hook do?

The anal hook is a type of sex toy or prop commonly used in BDSM and sexual role-playing activities. Its ultimate purpose is to place the user in a compromised or submissive position, deriving pleasure from the power dynamics between partners.

Using an anal hook requires some experience with bondage and anal play. If you're uncomfortable with either, the anal hook may not be suitable for you. The rectum contains numerous nerve endings, and those who genuinely enjoy anal play may appreciate the intense sensations provided by an anal hook, offering a different experience than anal plugs.

How to use an anal hook?

It's essential to maintain proper warm-up and hygiene practices, as with any anal play.

Whether using an anal plug or an anal hook, take your time and generously apply lubricant to the anus before slowly inserting. Ensure that the insertion feels smooth and pressure-free. If the anus feels stretched and causes discomfort, use anal stretching plugs or fingers to gradually prepare your muscles. It's best to control the insertion process yourself, as it's easier to sense and adjust to your body's signals.

Once the hook is in place, the dominant partner can move the hook by inserting a finger through the loop, leading the submissive partner to crawl, representing a form of domination. Additionally, you can thread bondage ropes through the loop and connect them to other objects such as wrists, necks, or collars, establishing complete control over the submissive partner and enabling the dominant partner to tease or torment them.

Things to consider when using an anal hook

  • Safety should always be a priority during anal play. If you feel uncomfortable, ensure you can quickly release from bondage, and have a safety tool nearby (such as sharp scissors or a knife) for emergencies.

  • Check the anal hook for wear or damage before use, and make sure to communicate at all times after use to let the other person know your boundaries and have a safe word ready. A safeword can be used to stop the game at any time.

  • Avoid sharing an anal hook among multiple people. If necessary, use a condom to cover the anal hook, replacing it when switching partners.

What's the best choice for an anal hook?

For beginners new to using an anal hook, we recommend selecting a hook with interchangeable round balls, allowing you to start with smaller sizes and gradually explore larger ones.

If you're an experienced enthusiast, you can follow your preferences. You may opt for an anal hook with multiple balls along the shaft for a heightened level of stimulation.


Anal Hook FAQs

Can an anal hook be used for anal training?

Anal hooks are not primarily used for anal training. They are more focused on providing a submissive experience and enhancing power dynamics.

Can anal hooks be used vaginally?

Anal hooks can be used in the vagina. Please clean or disinfect the anal hook before use. Hygiene is the prerequisite for sexual play.

Are there any specific positions for using an anal hook?

There is no fixed position for using an anal hook. Different positions can enhance the sensations and power dynamics. Experiment with positions that feel comfortable and arousing for you and your partner.

Can an anal hook be used for prostate stimulation?

While an anal hook is not specifically designed for prostate stimulation, the pressure and positioning during play may indirectly stimulate the prostate. However, dedicated prostate toys are typically more effective for targeted stimulation.

Is it normal to feel nervous about trying an anal hook?

Yes, it's entirely normal to feel nervous about trying new experiences, especially those involving anal play. Take your time, communicate with your partner, and only proceed when you feel ready and comfortable.