How to Measure Correctly: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Chastity Locks

How to Measure penis

In this blog post, we will discuss how to measure yourself for a chastity cage to ensure you find the size that best fits yo

Why Proper Measurement is Crucial

Many people will ask, are chastity cage safe? This depends on the right chastity cage. Properly measuring your penis size is very important when it comes to wearing a chastity cage, as incorrect measurements can lead to the following issues: 

How to Measure penis

1.Discomfort and Pain: If the chastity cage is too tight or too loose, it can lead to discomfort and pain. If it is too tight, it can restrict blood flow to the penis, causing pain and even injury; if it is too loose, it can lead to the cage falling off or the penis rubbing inside, again causing discomfort and pain.

2.Safety Issues: If the chastity cage is not fitted properly, it can lead to safety issues. If the cage is too tight, the penis can swell or become injured, requiring medical intervention; if the cage is too loose, the penis can slip out of the cage.|

3.Reduced Effectiveness: If the chastity cage is not fitted properly, it can affect its effectiveness in restricting behaviour and masturbation. If it is too tight, it can make the wearer too uncomfortable, thus affecting their quality of life; if it is too loose, it can allow the wearer to easily slip out of the cage, thus achieving an unrestricted effect.

Finding a most comfortable chastity cage that can be worn comfortably all day long without causing any harm to the body.

Part 1: Preparation

Choosing the Right Time and Environment to measure for chastity cage

How to Measure penis

1.Time: It is recommended to measure when the penis is in a relaxed state, such as when taking a shower or when the body is relaxed. If measured when erect, this can lead to the size being too large and an inaccurate size selection for the chastity cage.

2.Environment: When measuring, choose a quiet, private environment to avoid any disruption or interference with the accuracy of the measurement. It is suggested to measure in the home or in a private bathroom, avoiding public places or areas with a lot of people.

3.Mental State: Proper measurement requires a relaxed mental state, free from tension or worry. Tension can affect blood flow to the penis, leading to inaccurate measurements.

4.Temperature: The size of the penis can be affected by temperature. Therefore, it is suggested to take a warm shower before measuring to keep the body warm and avoid measuring in a cold environment.



Tools Needed

How to Measure penis


Ruler or Soft Measure: Used to measure the length and circumference of the penis. If using a soft measure, make sure it can fit snugly against the surface of the penis to ensure accuracy of the measurement. If no soft measure is available, a thin string can be used instead.

Pen and Paper: Used to record the measurement results for reference when selecting a chastity cage size.

Part 2: Measuring Methods

How to Measure penis

1.Measuring Penis Circumference:

A soft ruler is made of bendable material, so you can wrap it directly around the penis head to measure. If you don't have a soft ruler, take out the rope you prepared (make sure the rope has no elasticity) and tie it tightly at the base of the penis, then measure the length of the line after straightening it.
This length is the circumference of the penis base. After getting the circumference, divide it by π (3.14) to get the diameter. Generally, when purchasing, choose a ring with a diameter slightly smaller than the measured diameter, or choose several rings with similar values. (The tightness should be comfortable, but if it's too loose, it will easily fall off, and if it's too tight, it won't fit).

Generally, we have several common sizes of rings: 40mm (1.57"), 45mm (1.77"), 50mm (1.96").

If you measure a circumference of 175mm (6.1"), divide by π to get a diameter of 50mm (1.96"); if you measure a circumference of 141mm (5.5"), divide by π to get a diameter of 45mm (1.77"); if you measure a circumference of 125mm (6.1"), divide by π to get a diameter of 40mm (1.57").

Choose a ring according to your measurement results.

2. Measuring Penis Length:

First, stand up straight and keep your back straight, measure along the base of the penis with a ruler, and then place it on the top of the penis. If your partner is willing to help you measure, the result will be more accurate, because it is not easy to stand up straight and measure your penis.
After measuring, record the size with a pen, and buy the cage according to the size.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that when choosing a cage, do not choose the size that is exactly the same as your penis size, it needs to be 6mm (0.25") to 13mm (0.5") smaller than your penis size. For example, if your penis is 70mm (2.75"), it is best to choose a cage between 63.5 (2.5") and 57mm (2.25"). Such a cage will fit tightly on your penis, and your urethral opening can accurately align with the end of the urination outlet, achieving the best confinement effect.

Part 3: How to choose chastity cage

How to choose chastity cage

1.Materials and Design

In addition to size as a basic criterion for choosing a chastity lock, considering the factors of material and design is also very important. Chastity locks are usually made of materials such as metal, resin, plastic or silicone. At MChastity, you can find cages of these materials. If you like the weight of metal, BDSM Chastity Device and Steel Male Chastity Cage will be a good choice. If you prefer a lighter material, Resin Male Chastity Device and HT V3 Nub will be perfect for you. In addition, if you are a user who pursues personality, the various colors and unique designs of Plastic Chastity Cage and Silicone Chastity Device will meet your needs.


For hardcore players who pursue challenges, there is no novelty to interest them, so MChastity provides a lot of novel chastity cages for you. For example, Electric Shock Chastity Cage and Electric Shock Cock Cage will give you an electric shock, which makes you cry and scream, but you still can't get out.

Spiked Chamber Chastity Cage and Spiked Cock Cage have internal spikes that will give you a stronger sense of being controlled, making you both pain and happy.

If you like the feeling of the urethra being invaded, Chastity Device With Catheter and Cock Cage With Tube provide a urinary catheter device, which can help you urinate better. In addition, these urinary catheter devices are detachable and can be freely assembled.


How to choose chastity cage

The right chastity cage can give you a perfect bondage experience, so please do enough measurement and research before buying. After all, this may be the equipment you will use for a long time.

Before using the chastity cage, we suggest that you apply a layer of lubricant, which will make it easier to wear. If you feel uncomfortable during use, take a break and continue.

Well, the preparation is done, it's time to give up your keys! Of course, you can also become the key holder and have absolute authority!

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