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Cellmate V2 App Controlled Chastity Cage

Cellmate V2 App Controlled Chastity Cage

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The Cellmate V2 App Controlled Chastity Cage, the ultimate upgrade in chastity play. This smart electroshock chastity cage features a six-level adjustable ring, solving the notorious problem of fitting different sizes of testicles. The designer spent two years researching and creating the perfect fit, ensuring that both big and small eggs can be comfortable while holding them firmly in place with no possibility of escape.

The QIUI's cellmate chastity cage takes chastity play to the next level with its cloud-controlled electrostimulation feature. The user can be both excited and terrified, anticipating the arrival of their master while fearing the electric punishment that can be delivered at any time. With the timed electroshock function, the user can set an alarm to deliver electric shocks at specific intervals, just like setting an alarm clock.

And for those who enjoy the element of surprise, the app-controlled electrostimulation feature allows the master to deliver electric shocks remotely, regardless of distance. With three different frequency settings - vibration, tremble, and sting.

The Cellmate V2 is also designed for comfort and convenience. With an IPX6 waterproof rating, it can withstand sweat, water splashes, and even showering, making it suitable for long-term wear. The rechargeable lithium battery ensures that the user can enjoy uninterrupted playtime without any concerns about running out of power.

The eco-friendly soft rubber material is coated with a comfortable and durable surface rubber layer, providing both strength and comfort. The skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and ergonomically designed rubber material is suitable for long-term wear during work or exercise. The ergonomic urination hole is designed to prevent splashing and easy cleaning.

The Cellmate V2 comes in two different sizes to fit a variety of penis sizes, ensuring maximum comfort and a perfect fit. With the Cellmate V2, users can enjoy a comfortable and secure chastity experience at all times.

Don't hesitate, this is your best cock cage!



Material: Soft Rubber Surface

Total Length: Short-100mm(3.93"), Long-120mm(4.72")

Total Width: 37mm(1.45")

Waterproof: IPX6

Ring: Adjustable Ring

Weight: Short-60g, Long-80g

Package included: 
1* Chastity lock
1* Manual
1* Charging dock
1* USB charging cable

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