Collection: Chastity Accessories

Chastity accessories are a range of attachments and replacement parts for chastity devices. These accessories include wires, chastity rings, power supplies, auxiliary belts, and more.

Wires: Wires are an essential accessory for chastity devices, as they require power to function properly. Wires are usually made of heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and soft materials to ensure safe and reliable power transmission.

Chastity Rings: Chastity rings are one of the most important accessories for chastity devices. Chastity rings come in various sizes and shapes, so there are many models available for users to choose from. If your original ring is too small or too big, you can find one that fits your size in the chastity accessory catalog. The material of chastity rings is usually metal, resin, silicone, or plastic, to ensure comfort and safety.

Power Supply: An essential accessory for electro-stimulation devices, with it you can control the massage or electro-stimulation intensity at any time.

Auxiliary Belt: An auxiliary belt is an accessory for chastity devices, used to secure the chastity cage for stability. Auxiliary belts are usually made of soft and breathable elastic materials to ensure comfort and breathability.