Collection: Electric Chastity Cage

The biggest difference between electric chastity cages and other chastity cages is their conductive function, allowing you to experience an unforgettable electric shock stimulation in BDSM games. Other chastity cages can only increase stimulation through fixation and bondage, and electro-shock cages are a revolutionary innovation.

With other conductive accessories and power hosts, the electric chastity cages have a conductive function. The chastity key holder as the controller of the electro-shock, can adjust the electro-shock intensity and mode through the controller, from weak to strong, and various massage modes to meet the diversified needs of users without hurting the body. The person locked up will surely beg you for mercy under your operation. By comparison, other chastity cages are as boring as ordinary "iron cages".

MChastity carefully selected electro-shock chastity cages bring a brand new experience to the lovers of pleasure entertainment, easily controlling the stimulation intensity to meet personalized needs. Enjoy this wonderful feeling safely.

What is an electric chastity cage

An electric chastity cage is a tool used for male chastity and sexual stimulation control. It can control the built-in electric shock module through electricity or batteries, achieving stimulation or control effects. The history of chastity devices can be traced back to ancient Rome when people used manual chastity devices. With the development of technology, today's electric chastity cages are not only convenient to use but also more powerful.

Functions of electric chastity cages

1. How to use electric chastity cages

Before using an electric chastity cage, the device should be placed at the base of the penis, and the controller should be used to adjust the electric shock intensity and frequency. Electric chastity cages mainly control male sexual behavior through electric shock and bondage, achieving the effect of chastity.

2. Characteristics and advantages of electric chastity cages

  • Easy to use, and stimulation and control can be achieved by pressing a button.
  • The electric shock intensity and frequency of electric chastity cages can be adjusted according to personal needs.
  • Some electric chastity cages can achieve remote control, For example"Cellmate V2 App Controlled Chastity Cage", allowing both parties to enjoy the pleasure of control and being controlled.

3.Disadvantages of Electric Chastity Cages

  • Due to the circuit device, the electric chastity cage cannot be washed directly, but the electric shock device like "Electronic Male Chastity" can be disassembled, which is more convenient for cleaning after removal
  • Dependence on batteries or electricity: Electric chastity cages require a source of power to function, which can be inconvenient if the batteries run out or if there is no access to electricity.
  • Cost: Electric chastity cages can be more expensive than traditional chastity devices, especially those with advanced features such as remote control or sound control.
  • Limited use: Electric chastity cages may not be suitable for all users, as they rely on electric shocks for stimulation and control, which may not be preferred or enjoyable for everyone.

Maintenance method of electric chastity cages

Maintenance of electric chastity cages is also very important and can extend their service life. When storing, you should avoid direct sunlight and high-temperature environments, and also avoid contact with chemicals.

Safety precautions for using electric chastity cages

When using electric chastity cages, safety issues should be noted. Do not use the devices excessively to avoid injury to the body. Also, avoid sharing electric chastity cages with others to prevent the spread of diseases.

As a electric sex toy, electric chastity cages can bring different stimulation and pleasure compared to traditional chastity devices, and also have more functions and advantages. When choosing and using them, you should choose according to your needs and preferences, and also pay attention to maintenance and safety issues.


Electric Chastity Cage FAQs

Can I use an electric chastity cage if I have a pacemaker or other medical implant?

No, it is not recommended to use an electric chastity cage if you have a pacemaker or other medical implant, as it can interfere with the device.

How do I clean an electric chastity cage?

To clean an electric chastity cage, remove the electrical components and clean the cage with soap and water.For the chastity cage with built-in electric shock device, clean it with a towel or wet wipe first, and then dry it with a dry cloth.

Is electrical stimulation safe for use in a chast cageity?

Yes, when properly used and following safety guidelines, electrical stimulation in a chastity cage can be safe and enjoyable.

Are Electric Chastity Cages suitable for beginners?

Electric Chastity Cages can be used by beginners, but it's important to start with lower intensity settings and gradually increase as desired.

Are Electric Chastity Cages waterproof?

It depends on the specific product. Some Electric Chastity Cages are waterproof, while others are not. Always check the product