Collection: Male Chastity Belt

Chastity belts originated in the Middle Ages and were originally designed to limit female sexuality. In modern society, chastity belts are used for various purposes, including increasing sexual pleasure and stimulation, and emphasizing relationships of control and being controlled. Male chastity belts are also used in BDSM play and other sex toys for a different sexual experiences and pleasure.

Male chastity belts are usually made of metal or leather. Metal chastity belts are usually heavier and can provide more restraint and control, while leather chastity belts are lighter and softer and can provide more comfort and flexibility. MChastity provides you with a variety of chastity belts, some with chastity cages, some with catheters, and some with anal plugs giving you a variety of experiences.  Different materials and functions can provide different feelings and use experiences, which can be selected according to personal preferences and needs.

Male chastity belts usually have locks, and only the absolute ruler of the key is entitled to open it. This design allows you to experience the feeling of being absolutely in control.

Whether in medieval Europe or modern society, the chastity belt was a compelling and entertaining sex toy whose history and influence live on in people's lives.