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HT V3 Nub

HT V3 Nub

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Our ht v3 nub chastity device is made of medical bio sourced resin. When heated, bio derived resins become soft and conformable. Easy to use, the internal locking system can be selected in black, purple, transparent, and pink. There is a vent hole at the top, allowing urine to flow freely. Simply wash with water and soap, and the chastity device can be used at any time. Start enjoying!

To ensure safety and prevent damage to the genitalia, the size, installation, and adjustment of the chastity device must be appropriate. The size and spacing of the rings are the most critical adjustment points, as tight rings can affect blood flow, while loose rings may not be safe. The ht v3 nub chastity device is equipped with 4 freely adjustable rings for you to make appropriate adjustments.

The top urinal can be excreted normally throughout the day. Please clean the ht v3 nub chastity device before and after use. Keep dry when not in use.

If there are some edges and corners on the surface of the ht v3 nub, you can use fine sandpaper to polish it. If it feels difficult to insert, it is recommended that you try using lubricant or immersing the ring and catheter in warm water for smoother use.

The size selection and adjustment of ht v3 nub chastity devices are crucial, directly affecting comfort, safety, and effectiveness. ht v3 nub offers 4 different sizes of rings that can be freely combined and adjusted according to personal needs to find the most suitable model. Biogenic resin materials soften under body temperature, providing a perfect fit and incredible comfort.

The top discharge hole and the breathability of the material allow the ht v3 nub to wear anytime and anywhere for a long time. 100% waterproof, can be worn in water, bringing a brand new experience.

Simple cleaning and care make ht v3 nub easy to use daily and maintain for the long term. Come and experience it!


Color:Pink, Purple, Black, Transparent


Cage Length: 2.28"

Cage Diameter: 1.34"

Ring: 1.41", 1.57", 1.77", 1.98"

Package included: 1 cage, 4 different sizes of rings, 1 lock with 2 keys

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