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Male Chastity Belt With Butt Plug

Male Chastity Belt With Butt Plug

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This Male Chastity Belt With Butt Plug is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and durability. It adopts a T-shaped design, which can perfectly wrap your body and lock your penis at the same time, bringing you unparalleled chastity control and sexual stimulation. If you want to use the belt, we recommend lubricating it with baby oil or similar before use.

The size of this chastity belt is very flexible, and the waist range can be adjusted from 70cm(27.55") to 105cm(41.33"), so it is suitable for men of all shapes. Its net weight is about 1200g, which is moderate in weight, and can bring you enough weight feeling without bringing you too much burden.

If you are a person who likes BDSM sex toys, then this Male Chastity Belt With Butt Plug is definitely a must-have choice for you. It is not only a tool for chastity control, but also a sex toy with strong sexual stimulation. So, if you want to experience sexual pleasure like never before, try this product!


Material: Stainless Steel

Adjustable waist range: 70cm(27.55")~105cm(41.33")

Weight: 900g

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