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Adjustable Chastity Cage

Adjustable Chastity Cage

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This Adjustable Chastity Cage is literally a male brig! It's made of soft silicone and comes in your choice of black, clear, red, and blue. And whether you're big or small, you can adjust the snap ring size so your guy has nowhere to run.

The weight of this cage is about 115g, and the inner diameter is about 43mm(1.69"), so you can't break free. It also comes with a hanging brass lock to keep your virginity under tighter control and want to masturbate? No way! This cage is a must-have prop for sex games, training, and sex experience, allowing you to enjoy the excitement and pleasure during sex.

In addition to providing stimulation and pleasure, the Adjustable Chastity Cage enhances the fun and sexual experience and is a great tool for flirting and foreplay. Whether used alone or with a partner, it can create a more colorful experience.



Material: Silicone + Metal

Cage Diameter: 43mm(1.69")

Ring Adjustable range: 45mm(1.77"), 50mm(1.96"), 52mm(2.04")

Weight: 115g

Package included:
1* Chastity cage
1* Adjustable ring
1* Lock with 2 keys

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