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Bird Cage Chastity Device

Bird Cage Chastity Device

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This Bird Cage Chastity Device is simply your bird guardian angel! It's made of high-quality stainless steel, making your bird as indestructible as an Iron. Its cage is 60mm (2.36 inches) in length and 33mm (1.30 inches) in diameter, which wraps your little brother perfectly, making it impossible for you to have any sex and masturbation as if your little bird is locked in an iron cage In the cage, I can only obey your orders obediently!

The design of this cage is truly ingenious, and the rings are available in three sizes, 40mm (1.57 inches), 45mm (1.77 inches), and 50mm (1.96 inches), which can be adjusted to the size of your bird to ensure Wearer comfort and safety. Also, its full wraparound design perfectly covers your little brother, making you feel like you're in a giant birdcage, completely in control, remember, if you don't want to be locked in a bird prison, Just obey its orders!

Bird Cage Chastity Device gives you a sense of protection and control like an "iron cock cage", unlocking your unprecedented pleasure.


Material: Stainless Steel

Cage Length: 60mm(2.36")

Cage Diameter: 33mm(1.30")

Ring To Choose From: 40mm(1.57") , 45mm(1.77"), 50mm(1.96")

Package included: 
1* Cage
1* Ring
1* Lock with 2 keys

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