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Black Male Chastity Device

Black Male Chastity Device

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Chastity device specifically designed for men, the black male chastity device. This product is made of high-quality resin material, with good stretchability, smooth and delicate surface, and high-quality texture. A professional team meticulously creates products that are comfortable, safe, and reliable while ensuring exquisite design.

This chastity device adopts a press lock design, which can be unlocked with just one insert and turns, making it effortless to use. The front end of the black male chastity device is equipped with a waterproof urination hole that can empty the bladder at any time without the need to remove the entire device. The black male chastity device has 5 ring options, and you need to choose the size that suits you in order to have a comfortable experience.

Let you experience unprecedented excitement and pleasure. Whether used alone or with a partner, it will bring you new experiences and fun.

Overall, this black male chastity device is a high-quality male chastity device product that is not only exquisitely designed but also capable of satisfying male users who enjoy challenging themselves through its high-quality chastity experience. It integrates elements of control, shame, and pleasure, opening up a unique field of sex toys.




Cage Length:Nub-2.20" , Nano-3.10" , Small-3.3", Standard-3.70"

Cage Diameter: 1.30"

Ring To Choose From:1.41" , 1.55", 1.75", 1.95", 2.14"

Black Male Chastity Device Weight: 90-120g

Package included: 1 Cock Rings, 1 Chastity Key, 1 Chastity Cage

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