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Butterfly Inverted Sissy Cage

Butterfly Inverted Sissy Cage

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This is a sexy sissy cage. Its flat surface is engraved with a butterfly-shaped pattern, which not only increases the beauty but also ensures the ventilation and breathability of the cage.

Butterfly Inverted Sissy Cage adopts an inverted cage design. Its inverted device is specially designed and has a cylindrical shape, which can further enhance the inverted compression experience.

In addition, an optional leather belt can be added to add extra stability and comfort.

As a symbol of romance, Butterfly Inverted Sissy Cage will definitely take you into a different world of sissy chastity.


Material: Stainless steel

Size: Please refer to the picture

Ring To Choose From: 40mm(1.57") , 45mm(1.77"), 50mm(1.96"), 55mm(2.16")

Package included: 
1* Cage
1* Ring
1* Lock with 2 keys
1* Silicone Catheter
1* Belt ( Optional )

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