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Chastity Birdcage

Chastity Birdcage

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Experience the open design activity ring, chastity birdcage allows you to fully enjoy the joy of being bound in a safe situation, and release your inner desires and desires.

Chastity birdcage uses a thoughtful TPE liner, which is soft and comfortable. It not only effectively avoids the awkwardness of pinching hair and meat, but also allows you to feel the ultimate comfort and relaxation after wearing it so that your life will no longer have the trouble of "egg pain".

The locking method is convenient and fast, and chastity birdcage allows you to easily lock your bird, enjoy the pleasure of being controlled, and demonstrate your inner courage and determination.

The classic breathable design allows your birds to breathe freely without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable. Chastity birdcage allows you to enjoy a fun life while also ensuring comfort and health. Moreover, this breathable design also helps to reduce the accumulation of odors and sweat, maintaining freshness and dryness.


Color: Black, Transparent

Material: PC

Cage Length: Small-1.49", Standard-2.08"

Cage Diameter: 1.22"

Ring: 1.49", 1.69", 1.88", 2.04"

Weight: 130g

Package included: 1 cage, 4 different sizes of rings, 1 lock with 2 keys

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