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Chastity Cage Anti-Falling Elastic Auxiliary Belt

Chastity Cage Anti-Falling Elastic Auxiliary Belt

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Don't want your chastity cage to sting like a hedgehog? Then let's try the chastity auxiliary belt! This high-quality sex toy accessory is made of soft and sturdy materials, which can effectively reduce the friction and irritation of the chastity cage on the skin, making you feel more comfortable when wearing it.

This chastity assists belt is simple and practical, designed with a three-way elastic belt that can be easily fixed to the chastity cage, ensuring that your chastity cage is tightly attached to your body and will not become loose or displaced. There are also adjustable buckles and straps that can be freely adjusted to ensure the comfortable, stable, and safe wearing of your chastity cage.

Whether you are an expert or a novice, the chastity auxiliary belt is your effective assistant on the way to exploration! It can make you more confident and confident in exploring the happy world, bring you a different emotional experience, and make your life more colorful.

(NOTE:This product is sold Equipped with 1 ring without the cagearing in the photo)



Weight: 45g

Package included: 1 Ring, 1 Auxiliary Belt

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