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Chastity Cage Auxiliary Belt

Chastity Cage Auxiliary Belt

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Are you tired of your cage slipping and falling down?  Do you have trouble keeping it in place? Try the chastity cage auxiliary belt, which features an elastic belt to hold your cage in place and prevent slipping.

The chastity cage auxiliary belt consists of an elastic chastity belt and a 304 stainless steel ring, which can be used together or separately with your existing chastity cage. The ring can also be used as a scrotum ring.

With two hidden buckles, the elasticity can be easily adjusted to fit different body types. Made from skin-friendly materials, the chastity cage auxiliary belt can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.Say goodbye to slipping and hello to a more secure chastity experience with the chastity cage auxiliary belt.


Color: Pink, Black, White

Weight: 35g

Package included: 1 chastity cage auxiliary belt, 1 304 stainless steel ring

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