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Cobra 3D Cage

Cobra 3D Cage

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This upgraded 7.0 Cobra 3D Cage is a super cool chastity device with a more ergonomic design and is more comfortable to wear. It is made of new environmentally friendly nylon resin material, the surface is smooth and lightweight, more powerful than metal and silicone, and it is not easy to rust or fall off.

This chastity device also comes in 4 different sized cuffs to help you find the perfect size to give your "little brother" the perfect fit. Not only that but there are larger air holes and a larger pee opening in the front of the cage, allowing your "baby" to breathe freely and urinate normally even in restraint.

Accessories for this chastity device include 1 cage, 4 different size rings, 1 magic locker with 2 keys, 1 safety pin, and 5 plastic encoder locks. It can be matched with a plastic safety pin, and the security check will be unimpeded.

If you have not used a chastity device before, please manually measure your size first. But don't worry! The upgraded hyperbolic curved cuff of Cobra 3D Cage is super breathable and fits perfectly, making you feel like a part of your body!

Let's talk about the sexual pleasure of this chastity device! Whether you're experienced with bondage or not, letting your partners relinquish control to you is sure to make your sex life more exciting and fun! So, let's enjoy this deep and fun SM game together!

If you are looking for a metal version, please go to: Steel Cobra Chastity


Color: Black

Nylon Resin

Cage Length: Nub-59mm(2.32") , Nano-69mm(2.71") , Small-73mm(2.87"), Standard-87mm(3.42)"

Ring: 38mm(1.49") , 43mm(1.69"), 48mm(1.88"), 52mm(2.04")

Weight: 80-100g

Package included:
1* Chastity cage
4* Rings
1* Pin
1* Lock with 2 keys
5* Coded Locks

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