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Cobra Cage Kit

Cobra Cage Kit

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Experience the latest advancement in male chastity with our Cobra Cage Kit, taking the classic Cobra Cage design to new heights. Crafted from high-quality nylon resin, this upgraded version offers enhanced durability, smoothness, and exquisite detailing.

The Cobra Cage Kit is available in four captivating colors: black, pink, purple, and blue, allowing you to choose the perfect aesthetic for your personal preference. Each kit includes four different-sized rings, eliminating any worries about finding the right fit and ensuring a comfortable experience.

The sleek construction of the new Cobra Cage Kit minimizes dust accumulation, making it easier to clean and maintain. Its smooth surface guarantees a pleasurable and hygienic experience.

Whether you're looking to explore the world of male chastity or seeking a unique gift for your partner, the Cobra Cage Kit is the perfect choice.

Upgrade to the new Cobra Cage Kit today!

Note: Pink/Black - Flat Ring has 5 rings, the others have 4 rings


Material: Nylon Resin

Cage Length: Please refer to the parameters on the picture

Cage Diameter: 34mm(1.33")-39mm(1.53")

Rings: 43mm(1.69"), 46mm(1.81"), 49mm(1.93"), 51mm(2.00")

Package included: 
1* Chastity Cage
4* Rings
5* Rings (Black/Pink-Flat Ring)

1Lock with 2 Keys

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