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Cobra Male Chastity Cage

Cobra Male Chastity Cage

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Are you looking to restrain yourself or your partner in every way possible and become a slave to love? Look no further than the cobra male chastity cage, providing a unique and enjoyable way of experiencing pleasure.

Featuring an open and breathable design, your "boy" can breathe smoothly and the device can be cleaned without removal, allowing for long-term wear. Made from nylon resin material and utilizing the latest printing technology, the cobra male chastity cage is sturdy, smooth, and more lightweight and portable than stainless steel alternatives. Consisting of three parts - the cage, base ring, and lock - the cage fits snugly over the base ring and is securely locked in place, perfectly conforming to your skin and providing excitement for both you and your partner.

With four different base ring sizes to choose from, you can select the size that fits your body perfectly, making the cobra male chastity cage suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Additionally, 1 safety pin with 5 plastic coder lock are included to increase control and enhance the feeling of restraint in your play.

If you are looking for a lightweight, breathable chastity cage, the cobra male chastity cage is definitely worth having!


Color: Black

Nylon Resin

Cage Length: Nub-2.36" , Nano-2.75" , Small-3.54", Standard-3.93", Maxi-4.33"

Cage Diameter: 1.37"

Ring: 1.65", 1.77", 1.88", 2.04"

Weight: 100g

Product components: 1 cage, 4 different sizes of rings, 1 lock, 2 keys, 1 safety pin with 5 plastic coder lock

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