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Double Plug Chastity Belt

Double Plug Chastity Belt

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Double Plug Chastity Belt with four captivating colors to choose from, this belt offers a customizable experience like no other. This Diy Chastity Belt features two detachable stainless steel plugs, allowing you to switch between a vaginal plug and a butt plug, or even combine them for mind-blowing dual stimulation.

Detach the vaginal plug to transform it into a chastity belt butt plug. This configuration provides an exhilarating and intense anal experience. The smooth stainless steel plug offers a satisfying weight and a tapered design for easy insertion, ensuring both comfort and pleasure.

Remove the butt plug, and you'll have a chastity belt with vaginal plug at your disposal. This configuration allows for exquisite vaginal stimulation, creating a heightened sense of arousal and anticipation. The ergonomic shape of the vaginal plug ensures a snug fit and targets all the right spots, offering a truly immersive experience.

Now, let's talk about combining the two for the ultimate pleasure extravaganza. Attach both plugs to the chastity belt, and prepare yourself for an intense symphony of sensations. The simultaneous stimulation of your front and back erogenous zones will send waves of pleasure coursing through your body, pushing you to the very edge of ecstasy.

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to the Double Plug Chastity Belt. The belt features two locking systems - one to secure the waist and another to lock the genital area. Once locked, there's no escape unless someone holds the key. This adds an extra layer of excitement and trust, allowing you to surrender completely to the pleasures of restraint and submission.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of sensory exploration, pleasure, and submission? The choice is yours.


Material: Stainless Steel + Silicone

Color: Black, Pink, Blue, White 

Waistline: 60-90cm(23.62"-35.43"), 90-110cm(35.43"-43.30")

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