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Electric Shock Silicone Penis Plugs

Electric Shock Silicone Penis Plugs

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What sets this Electric Shock Silicone Penis Plugs apart from the rest is its electric shock feature. That's right, you can add some electrifying pleasure to your intimate life with just a click of a button. Of course, you'll need to purchase the electric shock power box separately. But trust us, it's worth it for the ultimate in shocking pleasure.

This plug comes in multiple sizes, as it features six different diameters ranging from 3.5mm to 11.5mm. Plus, it has a total length of approximately 345mm, so you can really get a deep and intense experience.

These penis plugs are made from high-quality silicone, ensuring that they are both safe and comfortable to use. The different diameters allow you to choose the perfect size for your needs. And the total length provides plenty of room for you to explore and experiment with different positions and angles.

And let's not forget about the electric shock feature - it's the perfect way to take your pleasure to the next level.

Get your hands on the silicone penis plugs today and start exploring the electrifying world of pleasure!

Note: Silicone Penis Plug needs to be used together with a testicle ring to have an electric shock effect.


Material: Silicone

Size: Please refer to the picture

Package included:
1* Silicone Penis Plug
1* Silicone Testicular Ring
1* Power Wires
1* Button Line

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