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Electro-Stimulation Wand

Electro-Stimulation Wand

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The Electro-Stimulation Wand is designed with a bendable head, meaning you can shape it into any form you desire to meet your individual needs. You can bend it into a small ring for better stimulation of sensitive areas, or turn it into a curved whip to add to your imagination.

Let's talk about the wand's biggest feature—it can provide electrical stimulation! Yes, you heard that right, this toy can give you an unprecedented level of stimulation and pleasure. You can use it to stimulate sensitive areas such as nipples, clitoris, G-spot, and more, and enjoy the sensation of current running through your body.

The Electro-Stimulation Wand is a toy full of stimulation and fun, and it can give you experiences and pleasure that you have never had before. So, come and try it out and let the current flow through your body!

This product does not come with a power box, if you need one, please click here to purchase.


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