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Expanding Butt Plug

Expanding Butt Plug

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The Expanding Butt Plug is made up of two parts that come together to create a powerful expanding force. With a simple squeeze, you'll feel your body stretch and expand beyond its limits. And let me tell you, the sensation is out of this world!

Of course, with any toy like this, it's important to use plenty of lube. We recommend a high-quality water-based lube to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use. Trust us, with the Expanding Butt Plug, you won't want anything getting in the way of your pleasure.

The Expanding Butt Plug is the perfect size for anyone looking to explore new depths. With a comfortable girth and length, you'll be able to take your time and enjoy every moment of the stretching and expanding sensation.

The Expanding Butt Plug is made with your safety in mind. The soft silicone material is body-safe and non-toxic, ensuring that you can enjoy your playtime without any worries. Plus, the expanding design is perfect for anyone who wants to take their time and explore slowly, without fear of injury or discomfort.

With its unique design and pressure on the P-spot, this plug is sure to provide you with mind-blowing sensations and orgasms. Add the Expanding Butt Plug to your toy collection today and start exploring your deepest desires!


Material: Silicone

Size: Please refer to the picture

Weight: 160g

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