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Expanding Metal Butt Plug

Expanding Metal Butt Plug

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This Expanding Metal Butt Plug has a unique design with a small 16mm (0.62") diameter head that's perfect for easy insertion without any discomfort. But as you start to enjoy its stimulation, it gradually expands to a 25mm (0.98") diameter in the middle, giving you a satisfying and fulfilling feeling. This gradual expansion design is perfect for those who want to slowly try anal stretching, allowing you to gradually adapt to larger sizes without putting too much pressure on yourself.

What's even better is that this metal butt plug is designed with a very practical feature - a handle at the base that allows you to control the direction and depth of the plug. This means you can freely control everything, making your experience even more exciting and satisfying. You can adjust the direction and depth according to your preferences and feelings, making your experience more personalized and free.

This expanding metal butt plug is not just a toy, but also a journey of self-exploration and discovering new pleasures. It can gradually adapt you to the stimulation of anal stretching, giving your body and mind an unprecedented sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. This wearable button plug is made of stainless steel material, making it durable and not afraid of wear and tear.

If you're new to anal stretching, start with smaller sizes and gradually adapt to the feeling of expansion to avoid unnecessary pressure or discomfort.


Material: Stainless steel 

Size: Please refer to the picture


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