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Flat Chastity Prison

Flat Chastity Prison

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This is the perfect chastity prison. It not only locks up your cock but also squeezes it until you become a submissive chaste eunuch. You seem to have no other value except to please your mistress.

Its sturdy ABS material provides high-strength chastity restraint like other flat cages, but its ability to add a metal catheter is a feature that most lightweight chastity cages lack. If you try to get excited, it will punish you with a stinging pain. Additionally, if you are a neat freak, the catheter will be your savior.

We have equipped this chastity prison with various accessories, such as 4 rings, 5 disposable coded locks, and a pin. The plastic-coded locks allow you to pass through security checks without any issues, avoiding the embarrassment of having to pull down your pants for inspection if an alarm goes off.

If you want the most comfortable male chastity experience, add a belt (available in 3 colors like the cage). Use the most stylish colors to reinforce your chastity cage.


Material: ABS Resin

Color: Pink, Black ,White

Size: Please refer to the picture parameters

Rings:  42mm(1.65"), 45mm(1.77"), 48mm(1.89"), 52mm(2.00")

Package included:
1* Chastity Cage
4* Rings
1* Lock With 2 Keys
5* Plastic Code Locks
1* Pin
1* Metal Catheter (Optional)
1* Belt (Optional)

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