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Holytrainer V5

Holytrainer V5

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Ring Diameter


The fully transparent design of the holytrainer v5 makes it even more sexy, allowing for a clear view of the effects of confinement. Made with resin material and a smooth surface design, it is comfortable, safe, and hypoallergenic. The holytrainer v5 provides an unparalleled experience of sexual confinement and brings a new level of sexual pleasure.

The new confinement system is integrated into the holytrainer v5, featuring a click-lock system that replaces traditional padlocks. Our innovative design ensures a more comfortable and secure experience. Each holytrainer v5 is equipped with an exclusive key that can only be used to open this cage, giving you complete control over the key and providing a sense of security.

The ergonomic design of the cage's tail is optimized with shortened length and rounded curves, providing a wider contact area and a secure and comfortable fit. The enlarged drop-shaped ventilation hole adds a stylish touch. The round fishmouth head design of the holytrainer v5 ensures unobstructed urination, making it suitable for long-term use.

This is the toy you've been waiting for, don't miss out!

If you prefer a stronger, more durable material, you can choose Steel HT-V5.


Color:Transparent, Black, Pink


Cage Length:Nub-2.20" , Nano-3.10" , Small-3.3", Standard-3.70"

Cage Diameter: 1.30"

Ring To Choose From:1.41" , 1.55", 1.75", 1.95", 2.14"

Holytrainer V5 Weight: 90-120g

Package included: 1 Cock Rings, 1 Chastity Key, 1 Chastity Cage

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