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LOCKINK Hollow Anal Plug

LOCKINK Hollow Anal Plug

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Break free from the conventional aesthetics of anal toys with our Hollow Anal Plug. This innovative design combines hollow features with a rotating motion, delivering precise stimulation that tantalizes every inch of your skin.

With its stunning gold-plated exterior and glossy finish, this plug exudes a three-dimensional sense of luxury and radiates a captivating shine. Available in three sizes - large, medium, and small - we recommend starting with the small size for beginners. Enhance your experience by using it with pain-relieving or essential oils, allowing for a natural massage that awakens and invigorates your senses. Each rotation provides a fulfilling sensation, ensuring the anal walls enjoy a heightened sense of fullness.

The unique and slender hollow design is perfect for discreet wear, allowing you to experience targeted stimulation with every movement, even while you're out and about.

How to Use Hollow Anal Plug:

How to Use Hollow Anal Plug
1. Gradual Exploration - Begin with Anal Training
When inserting the plug, ensure that your body and anal area are relaxed. Start by slowly rotating the plug back and forth, allowing it to penetrate approximately 3-4cm(1.18"-1.57"). Once your anal area becomes accustomed, you can gradually increase the insertion length.

How to Use Hollow Anal Plug
2. Unlock Infinite Possibilities - Discover Firm Pleasure
Designed for male use, this plug provides precise prostate massage, helping to maintain your vitality and sexual well-being.

Indulge in the captivating allure of our Hollow Anal Plug, where pleasure meets sophistication.


Material: Metal + Electroplated Gold

Size: Please refer to the picture

Weight: 31-80g

Package included:
1* Butt Plug

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