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Penis Shaped Chastity Cage

Penis Shaped Chastity Cage

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This chastity device is designed to mimic the shape of a male penis, making it a unique and visually appealing option. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and polished to a mirror-like finish, it boasts a smooth and comfortable feel for prolonged wear, ideal for those seeking long-term chastity.

The unique ring of the Penis Shaped Chastity Cage features a discreet top-locking mechanism, providing enhanced security and convenience. Additionally, the ring includes a designated attachment point for a waist belt, use it with a belt, alleviating concerns about its weight and allowing for a more secure and comfortable fit.

Discover the perfect home for your cock by using the Penis Shaped Chastity Cage. Its exquisite design, premium materials, and thoughtful features combine to create a chastity experience that is both visually appealing and erotically satisfying.


Material:Stainless steel

Size: Please refer to the picture

Ring To Choose From: 40mm(1.57") , 45mm(1.77"), 50mm(1.96"), 55mm(2.16")

Package included: 
1* Cage
1* Ring
1* Lock with 2 keys
1* Belt

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