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Petal Butt Plug

Petal Butt Plug

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Petal Butt Plug unfolds like the delicate petals of a flower, perfectly expanding your backdoor to new realms of pleasure and surrender. With the addition of a solid copper lock, it grants you an unparalleled sensation of restraint and captivity.

Imagine the sensation as the petals of the Petal Butt Plug gently open, stretching and filling you with an intoxicating fullness. The adjustable range of the petal opening is controlled by a cleverly designed T-shaped lever, allowing you to customize the level of expansion to suit your desires. However, a word of caution: patience is key. Take your time, savor the journey, and let the petals unfurl at a pace that suits your comfort.

For those seeking the utmost in bondage and power exchange, the Petal Butt Plug offers the option of securing it with a solid copper lock. Picture yourself, completely at the mercy of your trusted playmate, as they takes possession of the key, holding the reins of your pleasure and surrender.

But fear not, for those who crave a more accessible form of release, the Petal Butt Plug boasts a convenient, user-friendly locking system at its apex. With a simple press, you can effortlessly unlock or lock the plug, granting you a sense of control over your own desires. It's your choice - embrace the binding allure of the copper lock or indulge in the freedom provided by the versatile locking system.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Petal Butt Plug is made from luxurious, body-safe stainless steel materials. Its smooth surface glides against your skin, inviting you to explore the depths of pleasure with every movement.

Let your inhibitions fall away as the petals blossom, embracing you in their delicate embrace. Indulge in the Petal Butt Plug, and let the petals of pleasure envelop you in a world of unbridled enchantment.


Material: Stainless steel

Size: Please refer to the picture

Package included:
1* Butt Plug

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