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Pink Camouflage Chastity Cage

Pink Camouflage Chastity Cage

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Our Camouflage Chastity Cage features a vibrant pink base color adorned with camouflage patterns. This unique design offers a strong visual appeal, combining style with functionality.

Choose from a selection of seven striking styles, each adorned with a unique camouflage pattern, allowing you to express your individuality and personal taste. The cage is available in various opening shapes, including round, star, labia-shaped, and a total of 7 different shapes, catering to a variety of preferences. Please carefully review the size specifications depicted in the product images to ensure the correct fit, as the cage is available in three lengths: 24mm (0.94"), 14mm (0.55"), and -10mm (-0.39").

To enhance convenience and versatility, the set includes four different-sized rings. By easily swapping between sizes, you can alleviate any size-related concerns, making it an ideal choice for beginners exploring their chastity journey.

Select your preferred style and unlock a world of exploration with the Camouflage Chastity Cage today!


Material: Nylon Resin

Size: Please refer to the picture parameters


Rings: 43mm(1.69"), 46mm(1.81"), 49mm(1.92"), 51mm(2.00")

Package included: 
1* Chastity Cage
4* Rings
1Lock with 2 Keys

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