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Plastic Male Chastity Device

Plastic Male Chastity Device

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This plastic male chastity device gives you complete control over your man's pleasure. It's designed with adjustable snap loops, allowing you to tailor a comfortable, secure fit to your partner. Thanks to its lightweight and durable plastic, this chastity device is perfect for long-term wear and concealed use, so your partner will never have the freedom to use their "bird"!

Trust me, this chastity device will keep your partner in control as they've never been restrained. Whether you want to add some spice to your home or experience a different kind of fun when you go out to play, this plastic chastity device will bring you a different experience.

This plastic male chastity device is not only designed with your partner's comfort in mind, but it is also highly discreet. It's light and compact enough to fit in your panties anytime, allowing your partner to be under your control without you even knowing it. Plus, it's so easy and convenient to use that it doesn't require any extra tools or accessories, you just need one easy click to get your partner fully restrained.

Get it now, so that your partner can never escape your control!

 If you prefer a sturdier metal cage, you can purchase our "Adjustable Male Chastity"


Color: Red, Black, Transparent


Cage Length: 75mm(2.95")

Cage Diameter: 35mm(1.37")

Ring Range: 35mm(1.37")~52mm(2.04")

Weight: 105g

Package included:
1* Chastity cage
1* Ring (Snap Ring can be adjusted)
1* Lock with 2 keys
4* Plastic gaskets for adjustment
5* Coded Locks (Color Random)

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