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QIUI App Controled Electric Shock Beat Pat

QIUI App Controled Electric Shock Beat Pat

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Electric Shock Beat Pat: The Revolutionary Smart Rhythm Master

The Electric Shock Beat Pat is a cutting-edge smart paddle designed to electrify your rhythm game experience. Featuring beat tracking, adjustable electric shock intensity, multiple game modes, online leaderboards, and seamless app integration, this advanced device comes with a Type-C charging port for convenient charging. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of electrifying beats and sensational gameplay!

Unleash Your Inner Rhythm Master

With Electric Shock Beat Pat, you can dance your way through your favorite tunes like never before. As you tap along to the rhythm, the paddle releases electric currents that correspond to the strength of your hits. Gentle taps result in mild shocks, while powerful beats unleash more intense jolts. The smart paddle measures an impressive 400mm (15.74") in length, providing you with an expansive contact area to satisfy even the most demanding rhythm enthusiasts.

Sync with the QIUI App for a Personalized Experience

Download the QIUI app to unlock the full potential of your Electric Shock Beat Pat. The app records every tap in real time, allowing you to track your progress and fine-tune your performance. Connect with friends, join online challenges, and compete for a spot on the global leaderboards. You'll never miss a beat with the app's personalized song recommendations and daily rhythm challenges.

Customize Your Game with Adjustable Electric Shock Intensity

The Electric Shock Beat Pat offers adjustable electric shock intensity levels, letting you choose the perfect setting to match your mood and skill level. New to the game? Start with a gentle shock and gradually work your way up to more intense sensations as you master the art of rhythmic tapping. Craving a challenge? Amp up the intensity to test your limits and push your skills to the max.

Multiple Game Modes for Endless Fun

Choose from a variety of game modes to keep your Electric Shock Beat Pat experience fresh and exciting. Test your reflexes with Time Attack mode, where the goal is to tap as many beats as possible within a set time frame. Or, try your hand at Endurance mode, where you'll need to maintain a steady rhythm while managing your electric shock reserves. With so many game modes to explore, there's always a new challenge waiting for you.

Get ready to tap into a whole new world of rhythm mastery!

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