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Sex Spanking Whip

Sex Spanking Whip

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The Sevanda BDSM Spanking Whip - is the perfect tool to bring your kinkiest fantasies to life. With its new and improved design, this whip features a looped handle for easy grip and an extended length for maximum impact. Each of the 28 thin, PU-woven strands is carefully handcrafted with sealed edges, ensuring a smooth, safe, and satisfying experience.

This is no ordinary whip - it's a tool for domination and submission, for exploring the depths of your desires and pushing your limits to the edge. Whether you're in the mood for a gentle tease or a firm punishment, the Sex Spanking Whip puts you in control. The key is to find the perfect balance of power and pleasure, using the whip to deliver just the right amount of stimulation to your partner's most sensitive areas.

For those who enjoy a bit of pain with their pleasure, the Sex Spanking Whip delivers. With a pain satisfaction rating of 5 stars, this whip is perfect for targeting the buttocks, thighs, and back. As you wield the whip, you'll hear the satisfying sound of the strands slapping against your partner's skin, sending shivers down their spine. And as they writhe in ecstasy, you'll revel in the power you hold, knowing that you have the ability to bring them to the brink of pleasure and beyond.

But the BDSM Spanking Whip isn't just about physical sensations - it's also about the psychological thrill of domination and submission. As you give commands and dole out rewards and punishments, you'll experience a new sense of mastery and control, molding your partner into the perfect submissive. And as they submit to your every whim, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction like no other.

So go ahead, and indulge in your desires - the BDSM Spanking Whip is waiting for you.



Length: 590mm(23.22")

Weight: 177g

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