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Silicone Fake Vagina Pants

Silicone Fake Vagina Pants

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The new generation of fake vagina pants is here, bringing a whole new level of excitement to cross-dressing with advanced technology. With lifted buttocks & concealed lower body, you can experience the sensations of a real woman perfectly. Ideal for sissies and cross-dressers.

Featuring an internal floating-point design for sweat dispersion and heat dissipation, reduces unnecessary displacement. Enhanced hip-lifting effect for sexier buttocks. Sexy lower back dimples present enticing curves from different angles.

Made of silicone material, elastic and stretchy for easy wearing and removal. Designed with realistic skin details such as blood vessels, veins, and skin texture. Equipped with a urination tube inside, allowing urination like a woman.

Available in two sizes and two types, with an insertable version featuring simulated vaginal components.

With our latest generation of fake vagina, tuck away your cock and become a true woman.


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