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Silicone Urinal Bite Plug Mouth

Silicone Urinal Bite Plug Mouth

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Introducing the Urinal Piss Gag - a revolutionary toy that's perfect for water sports and golden shower enthusiasts! This gag is designed to transform your face and mouth into a fully functioning piss trough, opening up new opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Equipped with a removable silicone tube gag and three other piss gag inserts, the Urinal Piss Gag is incredibly versatile. The adjustable velcro black head strap can easily fit any head size, making it comfortable and easy to wear during your playtime.

The Urinal Gag Inserts are perfect add-ons that provide even more variety and fun to your water-sports activities. Made from pure, high-quality silicone, they come in three different types to suit different preferences and levels of expertise.

The Tongue Suppressor insert is recommended for experienced piss drinkers as it flattens the tongue and ensures a steady flow of piss without any interruptions or breaks.

The Ball Gag insert is bigger and fills the mouth, allowing the wearer to control the flow by clamping down when they need a break or when their thirst has been quenched.

The Short Tube insert is perfect for beginners and those still in training. It's smaller and shorter, making it easier to wear, and the wearer can clamp down to stop the flow when needed.

Safety, care, and usage are important considerations when using the Urinal Piss Gag. Always remember to clean it thoroughly after each use and adjust the strap length up to 24'' (610mm) for a comfortable and secure fit. With the Urinal Piss Gag, you can push your boundaries and have fun in a safe and comfortable way, opening up new possibilities for exploration and adventure.



Color: Red, Black


Strap Length: Adjustable up to 610mm(24.00")

Tube Gag (included) Insertable Length: 68mm(2.70"), Width: 27mm(1.1'' )

Ring: 40mm(1.57"), 43mm(1.69"), 48mm(1.88"), 52mm(2.04")

Weight: 165g

Package included:
1* Urinal
1* Black head strap

4* Oral plug

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