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Sissy Chastity Device

Sissy Chastity Device

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The stunning Sissy Chastity Device is available in clear and black. Although it is made of plastic material, its net weight is about 230 grams, which is a little heavy, but it is super suitable for people who want to have a weight experience! The bowl-shaped design of this chastity device is very special, giving you a strong visual impact. There are double snap rings with a diameter of about 45mm(1.77") and about 50mm(1.96") inside, and it is also equipped with multiple height-adjustable spacers to make your Cock Enjoy different sizes and tightness.

This male chastity device measures 115mm (4.52") long by 90mm (3.54") wide and fits rings with diameters of 45mm (1.77") and 50mm (1.96"). There are also two copper locks and 4 keys, multiple locks so that your little friends are safe and worry-free. There is also a urination hole on the top, so there is no shame in peeing!

This Sissy Chastity Device is suitable for those who want to experience something new. Its special design and multiple locking functions allow you and your partner to try more different exciting games. Get started now!


Color: Black&Transparent


Length: 115mm(4.52")

Width: 90mm(3.54")

Ring: 45mm(1.77"), 50mm(1.96")

Weight: 230g

Package included:
1* Chastity cage
2* Rings
2* Locks
n* Adjustable height gasket

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