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Stag Nipple Clamps

Stag Nipple Clamps

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The Stag Nipple Clamps, inspired by the majestic antlers of the stag, is a symbol revered by nomadic cultures as a protective deity. The antlers considered a totem, have long been adorned by people, representing auspiciousness and strength. The Stag Nipple Clamps embody this design philosophy, exuding both serenity and power. With its unique wheel design, it allows for precise control of sensation, ensuring the perfect balance between pleasure and pain.

The Nipple Clamps are not just for the nipples, but also versatile enough to be used as clamps for other erogenous zones.

Crafted with rose gold plating, Stag Nipple Clamps can be transformed into fashionable earrings by removing the leaf-shaped pendants. This multi-functional feature allows for discreet wear outside the home, eliminating any potential awkwardness.

Experience the harmonious blend of elegance, strength, and versatility with the Stag Nipple Clamps. Embrace the power of the stag and indulge in a truly unique and empowering experience.


Material: Plated metal 

Weight: 16g ( Single )

Size:120mm x 31mm

Maximum opening and closing: 14mm

Number of clips: 2

Number of earrings: 2

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