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The Snake Eye

The Snake Eye

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Our Plus Chastity Cage/Minus Chastity Cage features new materials and craftsmanship to make your experience safer, more comfortable, and more exciting. Made of 100% nylon resin material, after a special process, no need to paint, or manual polishing, to ensure high quality and long service life of the product.

This chastity lock adopts the combined design of the double arc ring and the cage body, which effectively prevents the possibility of escape and makes your playing process safer and more reliable. At the same time, we have also specially considered comfort, so that you will not feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long time.

The ring sizes of Plus Chastity Cage/Minus Chastity Cage are 38mm(1.49"), 43mm(1.69"), 48mm(1.88"),  and 52mm(2.04") respectively, which can meet the needs of different players. We will also develop more ring sizes in the future to better meet customer needs. The net weight of the whole product is about 100 grams, light and portable, and easy to carry and use.

This chastity lock is specially designed for players who like extreme stimulation, allowing you to enjoy a more exciting feeling during use. It not only adopts brand-new materials and craftsmanship but also undergoes strict quality inspection and control to ensure product quality and safety.


Color: Black

Nylon Resin

Inner diameter of cage: 30mm(1.18")

Outer diameter of cage: 39mm(1.53")

Ring: 38mm(1.49"), 43mm(1.69"), 48mm(1.88"), 52mm(2.04")

Weight: 50g-90g

Package included:
Plus Cage:

1* Chastity cage
4* Rings
1* Lock
Minus Cage:
1* Chastity cage
3* Rings
1* Lock

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