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Vagina Shaped Chastity Cage

Vagina Shaped Chastity Cage

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Vagina Shaped Chastity Cage Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, this remarkable product not only conceals your penis entirely but also provides a powerful boost in your pursuit of femininity.

The carefully crafted design follows the principles of ergonomic perfection. The widened base ensures that your scrotum is comfortably accommodated without any unnecessary pressure or discomfort. And fear not, for the top part of your "cock" also receives special treatment with a contracting mechanism, allowing for prolonged wear without fatigue.

The Vagina Chastity Cage features an ingenious independent waistband hole design, preventing any friction between the waistband and your delicate skin, thus safeguarding you from potential irritation or injury.

The perfect fit is achieved through a clever descending design, ensuring a seamless and inconspicuous appearance even when you're out and about. Rock your day with confidence, knowing that your little secret remains discreetly hidden. Vagina Chastity Cage locking system is positioned at the top, with a hidden copper lock that allows for easy operation while maintaining the overall elegance of the design.

Slip into your underwear, your intimate area will take on the alluring contours of a vagina. Buy now!


Material: Stainless Steel

Total Length: 40mm(1.18") 

Cage Diameter: 38mm(1.49")

Ring To Choose From: 40mm(1.57") , 45mm(1.77"), 50mm(1.96"), 55mm(2.16")

Weight: 122g

Belt Length: 1100mm(43.30")

Belt Weight: 38g

Package included:
1* Chastity cage
1* Ring with ears
1* Lock with 2 keys
1* Belt

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