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E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager

E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager

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E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager will engage the Prostate, perineal muscles, and seminal vesicles work together to create a unique sensation that starts in a specific area, moves up the spine to the lower back, and then spreads throughout the body. This rhythmic contraction and the tingling sensation along the meridians are far superior to the singular stimulation of the penis. You have to experience it to understand its allure.

Exploring the pleasures of solo prostate play is a journey of self-discovery. It offers exclusive pleasure like that of a lion, and is no longer limited by the number of times a cock can ejaculate in a day. Once activated, it brings forth an arousal that can lead to dozens or even hundreds of orgasms.

In a multi-player prostate play, the controller holds all the power. The master can be as dominant as they want, holding the requests, pleas, and desires of the servant in their hand. Punishments and rewards are all at the discretion of the master. By applying electrical stimulation, vibrations, and electric shocks, the master can guide the servant to experience pleasure or pain. It's a rollercoaster of pleasure and pain that can be enjoyed again and again.

E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager has a powerful motor that provides a surging force and deep muscle massage. The ergonomic design, with its innovative 15-degree curved and smooth head, can directly target the P-spot without any guesswork. The ridges on the waist area can provide deeper stimulation of the rectal wall.

Low-frequency electrical stimulation can provide unexpected tremors of pleasure, while the vibration sensation can sweep across the body and electric shocks can trigger tsunami-like orgasms. Each massage of the perineum and testicles can help awaken the meridians and relieve constipation.

E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager is made of ABS soft silicone, which is gentle on the body and provides double massage for added comfort. The USB rapid magnetic suction charging takes only one hour to charge and can be used for over two hours. The waterproof design makes it easy to clean (but be careful not to soak it in water and avoid the switch and charging port). If you are looking for a prostate massager without electric function, you can choose our "Metal Prostate Massage".

E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager has a 10-meter remote control distance and can be operated independently or by two people through one-button switching between vibration and electric shock modes.

If you are looking for a new pleasure experience, E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager is definitely worth a try.


Material: ABS+Silicone+Motor

Color: Luxurious Grey

Net Weight: about 138.5g

Working Voltage: 3.7V

Working Currency: 500mA

Charging Mode: USB

Aaccessory List:
1* Prostate Massager
1* Remote Control
1* Charging Cable

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