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Prostate Massage Butt Plug

Prostate Massage Butt Plug

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Prostate Butt Plug is a product that takes its design inspiration from the unique form of a woodpecker. Just as a woodpecker hits the mark with precision, our product is designed to target your prostate with the same accuracy.

Crafted from medical-grade 316 material and adorned with real gold plating, this product promises a non-allergic and non-sticky experience. With a weight of up to 325 grams, it has a sense of falling into the body and a strong sense of existence! However, if you like an electric prostate massager, you can choose our "E-Stim & Vibration Prostate Massager".

Our Prostate Butt Plug is a testament to a unique practical design, aiming to unlock the pleasure of gland stimulation, improve meridian circulation, and provide a gentle anal expansion. Solve the meridian circulation and complete the first experience of anal expansion. In an intimate relationship, the opening of the anus is a "reward" to the partner. This versatile tool can be used by both men and women for private massages, prostate orgasms, or a sweeping exploration of the backdoor.

The Best Prostate Butt Plug one-piece casting design ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience, while the "trigger buckle ring" design offers easy control. It's a product that respects the principles of bionics, ergonomics, and mechanics, ensuring a firm grip and precise delivery to your sensitive spots. You can heat it up or cool it down for double experience of ice and fire.

The real gold plating adds a touch of luxury, creating a dazzling play of light and shadow. The moment your fingers pass through the ring, you'll feel a sense of focused enchantment.

So, are you ready to take a peck at pleasure with our Male Prostate Butt Plug? MChastity recommends applying Sex Pain Relief Lube before use for a better experience.


Material: Medical grade 316

Color: Golden

Size: Please refer to the picture

Weight: 325g

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